Sport provides a forum to learn skills such as discipline, confidence, and leadership and it teaches core principles such as tolerance co-operation and respect. Sport teaches the value of effort and how to manage a victory, as well as defeat. When these positive parts of sports are emphasized, sport becomes a powerful vehicle to use to engage communities.

Sport has an impact on health and reduces the likelihood of many diseases. Sports programmes serve as an effective tool for social mobilization, supporting health activities such as malaria education and immunization campaigns. Sport can be a significant economic force, providing employment and contributing to local development. Participation in sport supports the preservation of a clean and healthy environment.

Access to sport is hindered due to limited resources and a lack of training for the trainers. The enthusiasm for sports is real and we work to support sports activities:

What has been achieved

  • Sports equipment donated
  • Trainers trained to deliver rugby training
  • Badminton introduced
  • 1st set of rugby posts erected in Gunjur
  • Kajabang football field cleared to enable a flat playfield
  • Football posts put at kajabang field
  • Sports days organised
  • Emergency first aid training
  • Gunjur cycling club set up and supported
  • Anti-malaria marathon run annually
  • Football for peace activities

More help required

  • To train trainers to deliver sports sessions
  • To fund sports events for schools and for community events
  • To provide more resources in schools and academies
  • Fund events to raise awareness of Malaria and immunisations campaigns
  • Fund sports workers to engage with marginalised people in the community

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