Effective education is essential for individuals, communities and countries to grow and develop.
Factors linked to poverty such as unemployment, illness and poor adult literacy in local families … all too often combine to form insurmountable barriers to children's learning opportunities.

The country has a limited capacity for teacher training in terms of skills, knowledge, organization and funding which leads to a cycle of teachers with limited skills and knowledge trying their best but only able to pass on their limited skills and knowledge to the next generation.

Children and youths have been denied their human right to education and as a result are also being denied other opportunities, including a fair chance to get a job and escape poverty, to support their families and to develop their communities.

The New Gambia will make it compulsory for ALL children to attend school, however, support is needed to help all children access schools.

What has been achieved

  • The Gunjur Project Association has a memorandum of understanding with Gambia Education to improve educational opportunity
  • Built 2 schools
  • Built and renovated many classrooms
  • Renovated many school playgrounds
  • Provided running water in 3 schools
  • Donated many resources to over 30 Gambian schools
  • Supported development of Gambia college crèche
  • Run sponsorship programmes that have helped over 250 students attend school every year providing uniforms, shoes and bag, school fees, educational equipment
  • Financially supports teachers to access Gambia teaching college
  • Facilitates an annual summer scheme offering over 200 free places
  • Supports enhanced reading programmes in nursery and primary schools to help with the English language (the official language in The Gambia
  • Set up several school libraries
  • Provided science equipment
  • Provided computers
  • Offered extra training to teachers
  • 1st aid training for teachers

More help required
Help is needed to allow all children their rightful access to education. We support this by providing teacher training, sourcing furniture for schools and educational resources. We facilitate individual financial support and encouragement for teachers, children and their families.

Providing more school resources
We have had several requests for extra classrooms by schools that have to divide their children between morning and afternoon schooling as they do not have enough space. We also have a number of schools we are involved with that need a complete rebuild in some areas of the school.


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