We sponsor the education of many children – all sponsors receive a photo, letters and school reports. By choosing to sponsor a child you are giving one of the most important gifts of all – education. With your support, we can ensure that the children of Gambia can make a real difference to their own lives and personal development which only education can bring.

This is an overview of the value of education written by a young man we were proud to assist

It was in the 2nd year of my high school education that I met Jo and her husband in the coastal community of Gunjur. What started as a casual conversation turned into an invitation to help myself to books from Joe's library which were otherwise hard to get as the community had no library.

This gave me the opportunity to develop my mind through reading and expand my horizons beyond my immediate environs. Though blessed with immense social wealth, Gunjur is a community with substantial potential; hobbled by material want which means I couldn't rely on my parents to sponsor my university education. This was when Jo and her husband stepped in to seek assistance for me. I would go on to become a journalist and study law at the University of The Gambia with focus on human rights. Having the chance to successfully finish high school and university helped me to develop a better sense of reasoning and acquire skills to get a job which enabled me to help my family.

My assistance is not just limited to the provision of food, but paying for the education of not just my immediate family members, but others in the community. With a job thanks to my education, I have been able to have enough influence in my family to stop some of the less progressive practices like female genitalia cutting and early marriages which increases girls' school drop-out rate. My mother, who is illiterate, now appreciates better the importance of education because of the change it has made in her son's life with the positive impact on the whole family. She trusts my judgment and supports my stance on the ban of female genital cutting, as well as early marriage which allows my sisters to continue their education. Best, Sainey

Some of these students aspire to become teachers and we are proud to say that we have enabled over 15 people to be trained as teachers.

We also fund 40 free nursery places that the village development committee oversee ensuring those that need it most get the help.

We also have a number of families under the sponsorship programme. Families are identified as in need of support by the Village Development Committee or by our on the ground community workers.

The reason for the additional support may be due to death of a spouse, illness within the family or lack of family support. Support can range from children sponsorship, medical bills paid, compound make-overs or hamper boxes sent each month. We have started small business opportunities for identified people in order for them to generate revenue such as rearing goats, selling juices, materials and other items.



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